• Bear

    Bear got away from me twice today - once the gate at Mark's house wasn't closed and the second his prong collar unclipped. He immediately listened/came back and sat.

    That is all I ever wanted from off leash training! Thank you so much

    - Jackie

  • Sokka

    Sokka has been doing SO well on our walks this week! I did the heel training, walking from point to point with him following me without ever having to yank his leash and he's killing it! he knows now that when I stop and tell him to sit (I don't even have to pull up to get him to sit) that he waits until I tell him it's okay to release! His hackles did come up when he saw our neighbors dog walking back but he didn't bark! I'm a proud mama :)

    - Annika Erin

  • Captain

    I know I've thanked you before, but I've seeing so much growth in Captain Sunshine in the last 6 months. I know some of it is him literally biologically maturing in age but your guidance has really helped me along the way and I'm so proud of him. You're really helping me advance him even further to where I really want him to be. I feel like he exhibited great impulse control this weekend in classes and I'm so grateful!

  • Citra

    We have NEVER been able to have our dogs calmly relax in the same space. We can only keep the, calm-ish if we are nearly constantly distracting and treating them. After seeing Kyle, they stayed calm for over 2 hours. We did the exercises Kyle shared, and all was well. We will keep it up. Excited to learn more!

    - Charlie